The quality or state of being dense; the quantity per unit area (Merriam-Webster)

Orsi uses density to refer to the quantity of people or things located in a given area or space. In cities, there tends to be a high density of one group in one place as groups of people tend to stick together, and these high areas of population density are a condition of urban life according to Orsi. The middle class finds itself separated from the density of the working class and immigrant areas of the city and the more densely populated areas tended to be the where working-class and immigrants live.

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  1. Density is very important in understanding human demographics in that it helps us understand how concentrated certain populations are in a certain areas. One of the most common religious maps that I see are color coded maps that show the religious concentrations (or densities) within places on a map. Building off of what Aurora stated, these maps tend to show that people of the same religion or cultural background tend to organize together within a place. Density numbers within places can also tell you about how culturally diverse an are is. Lastly, population density figures can even be as simple as how many Italian restaurants are in a specific location.

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