“a strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen” [Oxford]

Example: “Desire is not necessarily either good or bad, positive or negative.” “But it has mattered for the fate of American cities that the places outsiders entered to reform or revive, with the best intentions, were always places in the alien city of desire.” [Orsi Reading pg. 7]

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  1. I think that desire played an important in “Cartography and the Mormon Exodus” by Francaviglia. A large part of the reason that the Mormon’s began their journey was their desire for religious freedom. Not only did they desire this, but also maps that would help them to realize their goal. At one point in the text, the author includes a quote by Neff who notes that “while much was known about the Great Basin in a geographical way [. . .], little information was available of the kind that the leaders most desired” (Francaviglia 55). These leaders wanted information specifically about the resources and people available to the Mormons throughout their journey.

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