Derived from Pavlovskaya’s passage on technological innovation and the shift to digital mapping.

The process of converting something to digital form.

“Expands the knowledge domains of GIS and the ways we can represent people and places.”

“Digitalization.” Dictionary, Merriam-Webster, Accessed 12 Apr. 2020.

1 thought on “Digitalization”

  1. Digitalization is extremely important conceptually especially in the present day and age in which times are drastically changing. Not only have we seen Digitalization In the map-making process throughout the semester with the use of Kobotoolbox, QGIS, & Google My Maps, but one can even look at the Ray Brennen Maps Collection to show the importance of this transference towards an online medium. Though the focus of Digitalization in this context is associated with maps this semester; Jacobs reading on the performance of Asynchronous Cyber-Rituals in online spaces really shows other importance in the utilization of converting something into a digital form. Like the converting of maps not only does it provide simplicity it also provides the notion of permanence, which could be applied to online churches and temples. Also, digitalization may be the essence of the future in regards to the current situation we are in, though Jacob’s reading questions whether or what rituals can be practiced over cyberspace.

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