3 thoughts on “Locative”

  1. I like the addition of “has a grammatical sense.” When I think of the word locative, I think of someone actively describing the location of something using words like nouns to orient someone in a concrete space.

  2. I think of ‘locative’ in the sense of the world we live in, and the implications and values that go along with it: order, structure, regularity. It is hard to live in a non-locative world (or utopian world) because everyone has at least some aspect of locative with which they associate.

  3. I find it helpful to think of the word in context to better my understanding of the meaning. For example, in the reading provided by Smith, he states “I would term this cosmology a locative map of the word and the organizer of such a world…,” discussing the meaning and value guaranteed through structures. [Smith]

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