“A particular position or point in space” (Lexico, Oxford).

I found this definition interesting because it contrasts with Cresswell’s take on place. Cresswell says, “places are locations with meaning” (113).

Places have names, memories, and feelings. They are accumulations of human experiences, as opposed to a number or coordinate, which is more what the Lexico definition gets at.

From Tim Cresswell, “Humanistic Geographies” in Geographic Thought, (Wiley-Blackwell: 2012).

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  1. I also found it interesting how locations can just be coordinates, whereas places are central to the awareness of bringing “human range of emotions and beliefs to our interactions with the physical world,” and human geographers focus on this idea. The idea that places have meaning, experiences, a physical landscape, and a “sense of place” is really interesting in contrast to the meaning behind the word “location”. [Cresswell pg. 113]

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