“the whole of something; the totality of something is the whole of it” [Oxford]

“involves the human experience; provides a sense of a single misleading snapshot of the Earth”

Ex: “While Google Earth seems to offer a totalizing, immediately accessible view of the completely illuminated earth, this totality and immediacy is quite misleading, as the imagery is not a single snapshot of the earth but rather a complex, ever changing montage, created and re-created over years, of regions of the earth bathed in sunlight” [“The View from Above/Below pg. 95]

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  1. This word reminded me of the Atlas that Ramachandran describes in “The World Makers.” She notes that “the importance of the Atlas […] lies in its understanding that reimagining the world as a visual whole on a map necessarily demanded a philosophical, theoretical counterpart–a reevaluation of the world’s structure and the individual human being’s position in relation to it (24). By creating maps, humans create a “snapshot” that may not be realistic of the world from a single prospective, but is rather the combination of all perspectives.

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