1. to form a picture of somebody/something in your mind
  2. to make something able to be seen by the eyeUltrasound is a technique that uses sound waves to visualize internal structures.

Sources: Oxford dictiondary

Text: “All migrations involve pulling as well as push factors” ( Francaviglia, 49)

1 thought on “Visualizing”

  1. Visualizing and the actual process of visualization is an extremely important concept, that I think may have been overlooked a bit throughout the semester in regards to mapping though it is probably one of the most essential components of cartography. When one is mapping something it is not just a bunch of symbols marking a canvas, it is a “visualization” of a space. Many cartographers in the 16th and 17th century were mapping locations in which they have never seen before which makes it unique to denote the process in of itself. Ever since the implementation of google maps and satellite imaging it seems as If the role of visualization of maps has changed. Now maps are being used to visualize and scope actual analytical data, a good example of this are various Pew surveys. Also, we can see a shift in visualization when the class conducted its own QGIS projects.

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